Our Model

Our model is inspired by AmeriCorps and Unis-Cite, two proven service-year concepts from abroad. Our pilot program will take this proven concept from abroad and apply it in the Greek context and adapt it appropriately to scale nationally. This innovative model will meet the pressing capacity needs of community organisations on the ground working towards sustainable development.

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The Ecogenia model has three critical components:


1. Ecogenia

Sustainable Development Training /
Service Program

– Recruits and trains the members as well as the host sites.

– Offers professional development and training throughout the Ecogenia member’s service.

– Provides support and training to host sites, as needed.

– Covers the cost of the Ecogenia member’s living salary during their time of service.

2. Ecogenia Members

Greek Youth (18-28) / Greek Diaspora

– Work on a capacity building project at their chosen host site.

– Attend a critical pre-service training administered by Ecogenia.

– Participate in ongoing professional development activities.

3. Host Sites

Community Orgs, Schools, Parks, NGO's etc.

– Provide a capacity building project for the Ecogenia members to complete during their year of service.
– Host sites are community organisations that provide mentorships and managerial support for the Ecogenia member for the duration of their project.