a generation
with vision.

We aspire to be a national program providing employment
and training opportunities for young people through a service year model.

Ecogenia is a non-profit in Greece.

All of our service year programming will address pressing community needs related to sustainable development.

We are currently developing our pilot programs for 2021-2024 to test this proven service-year model from abroad and apply it in the Greek context.

Good for

Good for

Good for
The Workforce.

Good for
The Planet.

Discover our story,
told through Greek youth.

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Strengthening Ties

When asked “what is your background?” my answer layers “raised in the United States,” “Greek by nationality,” and “educated in the French system.” This being of many places is something

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The Mountain Path to Ecotourism

Rethinking Greece’s core industry through civic service For young people living in Greece, including my 21 year old self, the scarcity of work opportunities leads many either to unemployment, or

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The Missing Link

As Ecogenia’s first Program Development Manager, I’m excited about the possibilities the program can bring to my hometown, Chania, and Greece as a whole. As I embark on this journey,

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Sustainability talks

Watch our webinar series about pushing sustainable development through civic engagement in Greece.

Sustainability Talks #1

In conversation with Ecogenia's co-founders

Sustainability Talks #2

A discussion with Ecogenia's Chania pilot stakeholders

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