Our Team

Meet the people behind Ecogenia.

Our Founders

“Igniting a cultural shift in Greece whereby social service is seen as a career prospect and an opportunity to retain young talent in the country, all the while driving sustainable development.”



"Working together to create opportunities for young Greeks to find meaningful work in Greece while also prioritising sustainable development."



Our Team

Damianos has been part of Ecogenia since the very beginning. As a university student, he represents the generation we hope to serve. He is Ecogenia's storyteller and videographer, by that he helps the co-founders pursue seed funding and key stakeholder engagement. As an economics student, he is also managing the budget and researching impact metrics.


Program Development
& Storytelling Associate

A Greek-American from San Francisco, Melina's background is in international affairs, human rights, and social impact. Since receiving her M.A. in International Public Management from SciencesPo Paris School of International Affairs, she has worked for UNDP, UNICEF, and a social impact consulting firm. Melina has been a part of non-profits in the U.S., Greece, and France, focusing on a variety of issues, but all towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. She has a B.A. in Political Science from Barnard College of Columbia University. 
Melina is inspired by Ecogenia's mission and vision, and excited to be a part of a global team of incredible people committed to being a part of building a better future for Greece.


& Program Strategist

A Creative Business student from The Netherlands, Remi has been helping Ecogenia build an identity by creating digital and visual creations. As a global citizen, he is inspired by the big picture Ecogenia paints, not just for Greece but for the world.


web developer
& marketing associate

Stefanos has been involved with Ecogenia since the very beginning, advising the co-founders on strategic partnerships and program development, as well as fundraising efforts. In his role as Program Development & Strategic Relations Manager, he oversees the coordination of priority projects, including Ecognenia's pilot program application in Chania, Crete. Additionally, he is in charge of identifying and building relationships with key stakeholders, including Greek diaspora, academia and civil society organizations.


Program Development

As a member of the young Greek diaspora, Vasiliki has been inspired by Ecogenia’s vision since the very beginning. With a background in communications and a passion for social impact, she came on board the Ecogenia team as a Communications Associate. Vasiliki helps the co-founders and the rest of the Ecogenia team implement meaningful communication strategies and manages all media outputs.

Working for such an initiative is an opportunity for Vasiliki to apply the skills that she’s learned in her studies in Communications, Media and Marketing in an impactful way. Creating more professional development opportunities for young people in Greece truly resonates with Vasiliki as she herself would have greatly benefitted from such an opportunity to participate in a civic year program.


& communications associate

In-Kind Support

Athina Kontolati – Research Intern

Eleni Antoniadou – Special Education Teacher & Training Program Advisor

Emily Intzekostas – Educator at New Visions High School

Lydia Papageorgiou – Greek Linguist Associate, Translation Support