Our mission

Mobilizing youth through civic service to accelerate sustainable impact for Greece.

Our vision

A generation united to create a resilient and equitable future.


Sustainable Development.

Scientists and global leaders agree, we are running out of time to combat climate change. Although Greece has finite resources in this fight, it is an absolute priority to do what we can to create a world that is prosperous for future generations of Greeks.


Civic Engagement.

Considering the greater good, members will be working together to find community-based solutions while developing new skills to build stronger and more resilient communities.

By igniting this sense of purpose, of giving oneself to something bigger for the greater good, for future generations, we have a chance at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


Service Year.

The Ecogenia model creates a sustainable cycle that is good for the workforce, good for development, good for Greece, and good for the planet.

After completing their training, Ecogenia members will be trained to be solutions-oriented, community-minded, motivated and inspired citizens for the long-term.