Our model is inspired by


two proven service-year concepts from abroad. 

Our pilot program will take this proven concept from abroad and apply it in the Greek context and adapt it appropriately to scale nationally. This innovative model will meet the pressing capacity needs of community organisations on the ground working towards sustainable development.

The Ecogenia Model

The Ecogenia model has three critical components:


Sustainable Development Training / Service Program

Ecogenia couples up unemployed young Greeks with partner organisations to advance sustainable development initiatives in Greece through a paid service model. Ecogenia is responsible for recruiting, training and raising the funds to facilitate this synergetic process.


Greek Youth (18-28) / Greek Diaspora

Young Greeks are Ecogenia Members. Ecogenia Members offer their time, talent and skills to host-sites through a paid-service model. Trained by Ecogenia, Members are responsible for helping host-sites amplify their impact. In return, they get a salary and continuous professional development and support from Ecogenia.

Host Sites

Community Orgs, Schools, Parks, NGO’s etc.

Partner organisations are host-sites. Host-sites are responsible for taking-in, assigning work tasks, managing and mentoring these youth. In return, they get passionate, competent, and sustainability-minded manpower for their community projects.