Empowering tomorrow:Our Journey with Ecogenia

Picture of Filothei, Meliana, Anthi

Filothei, Meliana, Anthi

Board of Alumni Network

Hey there! We are a group of passionate individuals, united by a common cause – our involvement with Ecogenia. As Ecogenia’s alumni and first-ever appointed Alumni Network Board, committed to making a difference, we want to share our journey and shed light on the incredible importance of Ecogenia in fostering civic engagement, addressing climate change, and promoting sustainability in Greece.
Ecotourism Program | Dorida | June 2022

The Heart of Civic Engagement

Ecogenia has become our second home, a place where we channel our enthusiasm for civic engagement into tangible actions. Ecogenia believes in the power of informed and active citizens to drive positive change. Through practical community projects, workshops, and targeted training, we have learned the ropes of giving back to the community as well as effective advocacy and encouraging others to participate actively in shaping the world around them. The sense of community we have found within Ecogenia is unmatched, making us firm believers that civic engagement is not just a buzzword; it’s a way of life.
Education Program | Chania | September 2022

Taking on Climate Change

Climate change is an urgent global challenge and Ecogenia stands at the forefront of the battle. Ecogenia understands that addressing the climate crisis requires a multifaceted approach, and we, as alumni, are proud to have contributed to this cause. From running trail building and maintenance, and disaster/wildfire preparedness service projects (2024 upcoming program), to organizing awareness campaigns, volunteer days, and educational programs, Ecogenia >empowers young people to be part of the solution. We have witnessed firsthand how collective efforts, even on a local level, can have a significant impact on the environment. It’s not just about talking the talk; it’s about walking the walk, and Ecogenia is guiding our every step.

Nurturing Sustainability Champions

Sustainability it’s just a trend? It’s a necessity for the future. Ecogenia recognizes this and has become a catalyst for change in our lives. Through environmental and educational programs and hands-on projects, we have embraced sustainable practices that extend beyond our immediate surroundings. Ecogenia equips us with the knowledge and tools to be sustainability advocates in our communities. Ecogenia’s commitment to creating a greener, more sustainable world has fueled our passion for environmental stewardship. Οur journey with Ecogenia has been nothing short of transformative. From awakening our sense of civic duty to instilling a profound understanding of environmental responsibility, Ecogenia has become the driving force behind our collective aspirations. As alumni, we are not merely passive recipients; we are active participants in shaping a better future.
An Alumni Network is very important to develop between organizations and people who take part in it because it offers:
  • Networking: When there is a network that keeps its alumni base engaged, there is an opportunity for establishing new social contacts either on a professional or friendly level.
  • Career opportunity: The network can provide information about jobs, professional development seminars, and topical issues in the organization’s field.
  • Exchange of knowledge and experience: It is a way to enhance everyone’s knowledge and experiences through communication that will be developed between alumni.
  • Training opportunity: The network can offer training programs, seminars, and expert talks. In this way, the skills of the graduates are enhanced.
Participation in the community: It is a good opportunity for alumni to be informed and active in the communities. From charity events and clean-ups to targeted events on specific social issues of interest.
Ecotourism Program | Dorida | June 2023
In conclusion, Ecogenia has not only shown us the importance of civic engagement, climate action, and sustainability but has empowered us to be leaders in these crucial fields. Together, we are making strides toward a more informed, engaged, and sustainable tomorrow.