We develop programs that respond to community needs related to sustainable development and mobilize teams of young people to address these needs.

What drives us

We envision a sustainable tourism industry for Greece that is inclusive for all communities, no matter how big or small, has minimal environmental impact, and which educates and benefits local communities. We believe youth can be at the forefront of realizing this vision by participating in an ecotourism civic service term.

What we do

We work with and alongside communities to lead and facilitate a meaningful, and practical, cohort service project that will benefit the community’s ecotourism profile and potential. Our ecotourism work is currently centered on the following impact areas:

  • Trail building
  • Trail maintenance and revitalization
  • Disaster and wildfire preparedness (starting in 2023)

In addition to the above, our work engages local leadership in an ongoing manner to ensure long-term success led by the communities we serve. Additionally, whenever possible, we incorporate cultural and historic preservation projects to complement our outdoor recreation projects. This work is done in collaboration with program partners Diadrasis while being led and informed by the local communities.

Program Benefits

For local communities

Promote sustainability at the local level, with an emphasis on small and rural areas by working with local leadership to materialize their goals and ambitions for sustainable tourism and conservation efforts in the area.

For cohort members

Offer young Greeks paid professional and skills development opportunities with an emphasis on practical green skills and collaboration. Preparing a future workforce for careers in sustainable development and ecotourism.

For the tourism industry

Help build an infrastructure to offer additional, non-traditional options for tourists in unique parts of Greece that have a lower impact on the environment and a reduced carbon footprint.

Where we work

We offer our programs in communities that have a long-term vision but need additional support with resources and capacity to get there – that’s where our cohort members come in. Learn more about our past projects and the communities we work in through the impact reports below. In addition, we invite you to check our our blog posts and media features.

Ecotourism Pilot Program | Impact Report 2023

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Get involved

Want to become a cohort member?

Check out our open positions. Sign up to join our mailing list to be informed of upcoming opportunities and be sure to follow us on social media!

Have an idea for a future Ecogenia ecotourism project?

We invite you to get in touch with us through our contact form to tell us more about your idea. With your help, we can identify a pipeline of projects across the country in areas that need the most support. Together, we can uplift communities and ensure they are at the forefront of sustainable tourism for the country.

Would you like to sponsor a future project?

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on the generous financial support of our donors and sponsors. If you feel inspired to contribute to our work, we invite you to get in touch with us either via our contact form or by reaching directly out to [email protected].