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The Trail to Community

Two years, that’s how long it took our team to implement our first pilot program. Almost two years of volunteer work before being able to be hired, and endless planning and preparation work for what ended up being two months

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A Royal Lunch

Like most people, I have a bucket list. It includes the usual things – places I would like to visit, experiences I would like to have, food I would like to try, etc. I never thought to include something quite

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Reflections from Marseille

The Mediterranean region has always been a place of movement – of goods, people, ideas, cultures. It is a basin rich in diversity and potential, and remains a central crossroad between Europe, Africa, and Asia. The city of Marseille, known

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Our 2022 Mindset

I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. If you’ve managed to survive the last 2 years of living and working through the pandemic, you know exactly what I am referring to. But I am writing this with a renewed

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Strengthening Ties

When asked “what is your background?” my answer layers “raised in the United States,” “Greek by nationality,” and “educated in the French system.” This being of many places is something I carry with me, continuously finding ways to build the

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Meet our 1st Cohort Members!


Lots of lessons learned and a new horizon!


Meet our 1st Cohort Members!


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From California to Mount Olympus and Greece's seas

Ελληνίδες της διασποράς εμπνέουν ενεργούς πολίτες για το κλίμα

Listen to our podcast in Kathimerini and The Greek Current

Listen to our podcast with Connecting Greeks.

Listen to the radio interview with our Development & Program Strategist Melina Dunham.

Sustainability Talks

Watch our webinar series about pushing sustainable development through civic engagement in Greece.

Sustainability Talks #1

In conversation with Ecogenia’s co-founders

Sustainability Talks #2

A discussion with Ecogenia’s Chania pilot stakeholders

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